The Warren rises in the Tone State Forest, south-east of Manjimup, and flows 137 kilometres to the ocean through an idyllic bush setting. Within that meandering journey are some of WA’s best freshwater fishing opportunities, both on the main river and in some of the bigger tributaries. The Warren is also at the heart of our trout fishery in WA.

The historic hatchery which provides the trout stocked into our south-west waterways is located on the edge of the Lefroy Brook, which is a major tributary of the Warren and itself renowned for its fishing. The mouths of feeder streams such as the Treen, Lefroy, East and Fly brooks are all likely locations to find a trout. Anywhere there are rapids and shallow runs is worth prospecting and any bridge crossing the river is worth a few casts.


Turn right on Vasse Hwy out of town and turn left into Golf Links Rd, follow around the bend and up the hill and turn left into Mullineaux Rd. There is a large sign directing to Big Brook Dam and Hidden River Estate Winery. Follow down the hill towards the winery and right on the bend there is a small track on the left. If you have a 4wd, follow this track to a small parking area at the Broken Bridge. If you have a 2wd, park on the side of the road and walk the track to the river. Fish from the remains of the old bridge heading upstream, it is a fantastic clear section of the Lefroy that is great for sight casting.


Turn left out of town on Vasse Hwy, turn right at the Sports Club. At the end of the road turn left onto Pump Hill Rd, cross the bridge and turn immediately right towards the Hatchery, drive over the bridge and park on the left in the parking bays.

Here you can fish just below the bridge in the narrow run and in the deep pool below the shed. Don’t forget to cast up under the bridge for any fish that may be holding just out of the current behind the bridge pylons. This pool and small stretch can and often does hold some decent size fish.

Above the bridge, fish the rapids and pools as far as you can behind the Hatchery. Go back up to the carpark and walk up and around the Hatchery and back down the other side fence to more rapids and pools and fish upstream all the way to the town weir.


Turn Left out of town on Vasse Hwy, go past the Timber Mill and cross the bridge, take the first driveway on the right and park next to the fence in the open area on the right. Go under the fence and head down to the stream. Fish upstream from the bridge as far as you can. Be careful of the soak / marshy areas as they are very boggy and deeper than they look. There are several great pools and undercuts that hold fish. One of the best pools is just below the old cattle bridge. Start from the bottom of the pool and fish up to the bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the stream and fish all accessible areas.


Just a little further out from Thompson’s Flats, turn left on Conte Rd. Follow the road past the first farm and turn left into the first track and follow it to the bottom of the hill. Here you can turn left or right. Turn left to go to another broken bridge. If you continue down the track to the right of this bridge, you will come to another parking area. Fish all accessible water here and walk downstream a little to find a small set of rapids. Turn right from the bottom of the entry track and follow all the way to the end of the track, where you will find another broken bridge. Fish the wide pool below the bridge first and cast up under the bridge, try to fish each section under the bridge as the trout often lay alongside the support beams out of the main current.

Go up the stairs, where you can climb down the side of the steps to access the water to fish the pool, but it will also give you access to fish the bottom of the rapids. Be very careful climbing down here as it is very steep and slippery. You can walk the track along the edge of the stream for a short distance, fishing the access points to this lower section of rapids.


If you head downstream from the main carpark, there is a metal walk bridge across the river. Cross the bridge and follow downstream to the railway bridge. This section holds some decent sized fish. Work your way back upstream on this side of the river, fishing the rapids from the opposite side. This will give you access to water not reachable from the carpark side of the stream.


Gloucester Rd gives you access to both the Lefroy and the Warren River. From the Cascades, turn left into Glauders Rd and follow it downhill to the Gloucester Rd intersection. If you turn right, it will take you to the Warren, while turning left will take you to the Lefroy. Follow until you come to a bridge, park on the right in the open area. Fish above and below the bridge. The banks here are very steep, and access is a little more difficult.


Follow Glauders Rd past Gloucester Rd and drive over the next bridge and turn into the parking area on the right. Fish right at the bridge. Walk back across the bridge and go under the fence on the right hand side and fish upstream until you hit a wall of blackberry bushes. This section is getting a little overgrown in places and therefore a little harder to fish, but always worth a look. From the bridge, walk to the left and follow the stream along the boundary line of the Glauders cottage property all the way down to the mouth on the Warren River.

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