Checking Submissions

When in the record catch screen, in the top left of the screen is a LOG button. Press this button.

The list of all the fish will show that you have logged. Under each log will show if the data & image has been
received. For example:

If it reads green RECEIVED, it means the data AND the image has been received to the server.

If it reads red NOT SENT it means neither the data or images has been sent and therefore not received.

If it reads orange IMAGE NOT SENT it means the data has been received (fisher, length, type etc) but the images have not been received.

If you have either the red or orange, you will need press the SUBMIT ALL button located on the top RIGHT of the screen so its re-uploads. Please keep checking until all your logs show green.

Where can I find my scorecard?

If you are wanting to check your tally of scores, click INFORMATION tab and then you have the scorecard tabs to click

If you see ACCEPTED IMAGE RECEIVED next to the entry, it is the confirmation that the fish and therefore your score for that fish in the server have been accepted i.e., no discrepancies in your scoring.

If you see SUBMITTED IMAGE RECEIVED, it means the data and image have been received but the official scorechecker is yet to verify and accept your entry. This simply means the data is still to be checked.

If you see SUBMITTED IMAGE NOT RECEIVED, it means the data has been received but not the image. Go to the LOG page in the previous question and follow the resubmission steps.

If a submission is missing, it’s either been rejected (the score does not count due to breach of rules) or nothing at all has been received. If your submission is missing, go back to your log (see previous question) and check your data has been upload. If it is showing as green RECEIVED and the submission is not in the CHECK MY SCORE, your fish has been rejected.

NOTE – in any issue of the above, please do not resubmit data or a fish. If you have queries, please contact the Track My Fish team member.

NOTE – if you submit an incorrect size or species or assign to the incorrect angler, please do not resubmit your data or fish. If this occurs, please contact the Track My Fish team member asap.

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