Out of Range?

All Track My Fish apps have the ability to store catches on the phone for later submission, but it’s important to consider transmission times if fishing outside of service areas.  Many events have cut-off times for entries and depending on the amount of signal.

In the top right hand corner is a green online button. When this is clicked off the button will turn grey, signifying that the app is in offline mode.

When the app is in offline mode, catches will be stored on the phone but not submitted. If fishing in an area with very poor signal it is a good idea to switch the phone into airplane mode to conserve battery.

When the offline button is clicked back to online, any catches outstanding will be submitted. Where possible try to have at least 3 bars of 3G before submitting catches.

It’s also important to check the log after submitting to ensure all images have been successfully submitted.  If they haven’t try again or get into a location with better signal.

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