App Based Events

Moving to an app based event reduces the time taken to get entries in and reduces significantly the data entry requirements.   For most events this means the majority of catches come in well before the cutoff time.    With app based events scoreboards can be updated regularly through the event and live feeds of the catches made available to that the followers at home can keep track of how their favourite competitor is doing.

Does everyone need the app?

It’s not uncommon for fishers to have an older phone or be a family or team that want’s to submit from one phone.  Submitting from a phone on behalf of other fishers is normal, there is a field to enter the fishers name and can be changed to another family member or team.  If a fisher doesn’t have a phone their catches can be processed manually through texting in photos or providing to organisers.

Secret Scoreboards

For some events, having a public scoreboard is great but they want to incentivise the competitors to fish hard to the end.  With this in mind scoreboards can be made secret at any time in the event, so that the public available scoreboard stays the same at the cutoff time but the event organisers have access to a private copy of the scoreboard that can be used for allocating prize awards.




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