Harvey Dam is located approximately 140km from Perth and offers reasonably good fishing for Rainbow and Brown trout. The best spots to fish in the dam will vary depending on when and where stocking took place and winter rainfall. After heavy rainfall, the fish tend to congregate around in flowing streams, with the trout tending to sit high in the water column. As the weather warms and stream flow stops, trout can often spread throughout the impoundment and can often be found near heavy structure. The back end of the dam holds the most structure and is generally one of the better places to fish.

This dam can be fished from a battery propelled craft, kayak or from the shore. Most of the shoreline on the south side is reasonably accessible without the requirements of a four-wheel drive.

There are many fishing products on the market but probably the best lures are the ones that look like small trout, best spinners are possibly mepps in silver or gold and the most popular flies would possibly be wet flies such as the black woolly bugger, cormorant, parsons glory or a red tag. Remember fishing is trial and error and these are only suggestions that are known to have worked in the past. If you are a serious fisherperson you will carry an array of tackle that suits your style of fishing.

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