Fly fishing is the most challenging way to chase trout and while it can be very frustrating, it can also be very rewarding. Often many anglers who do well with lures will usually take up fly fishing at some stage. If you decide you want to give fly fishing a go, try and find someone that you know to go out with and give you a try and a few pointers before you get stuck into buying your own outfit. As a rule, 2-4 wt outfits are best suited to subduing most rainbow and brown trout in WA.

It is very hard to give advice about fly fishing as it could take up ten articles in itself, but if you are keen and have the outfit, some good flies for WA waters are Woolly Buggers, Mrs Simpson, small bead head nymphs in olive or black and the Parsons Glory. The list of flies that can be used on trout are endless and will all catch at varying times, however this short list is a good starting point.

Stream fishing for trout is probably one of the most exciting forms of this fishing. It does not take a big stream to hold fish, so if it looks fishy give it a go, you might just get the surprise of your life! After a few seasons of fishing and building experience, you will soon start to find where the fish prefer to sit in the river’s flow; this is called the preferred lie. River bends, boulders and small areas of white water are likely spots, as the fish like to sit in areas where the water will flow past them without having to do too much work to hold its position. Fish will often shoot out from their lie to grab passing food only to return to the exact same spot to wait for more food.

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