When bait fishing for trout the safest bet is to use bait that is available in the area where you intend to fish. One of the most popular being worms suspended under a float and cast out onto a dam or river. Turning over a few rocks and fallen branches is a great way to source bait locally, as this is what the trout are likely to be feeding on. This is also a great way of getting the kids involved in freshwater fishing. You can also use insects, beetles or if you are prepared to look for them mudeyes, which are the water stage of a dragon fly. The key here is to use a light leader of 6 or 8 pound in a clear monofilament or fluorocarbon.

Change the depth of the bait by sliding the float up and down until you get a result. This method is particularly good for children as the float gives them something to watch, when the float goes under the water’s surface, strike and see if you come up tight on your first trout.

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