Bidyanus bidyanus

Silver perch (Bidyanus bidyanus) is a small to medium sized Australian native fish. Like the golden perch and Murray cod it is a freshwater species primarily linked to the Murray-Darling River system.

The silver perch has a wide range of availability from the inland rivers and lakes of South Australia, into Victoria, throughout New South Wales and into South East Queensland. Many lakes, dams and impoundments have also been stocked with silver perch in these states.

Each state has different regulations for the silver perch so it is important to check your local rules and regulations to find out licence, bag limit, size limit and closed season information.

Garden worms, scrub worms and freshwater shrimp are the most popular baits used to catch silver perch. As silver perch have a small mouth a small hook is advised. The best area to fish for them is around weed or timber structure. Silver perch are a schooling fish, so it pays to keep moving until you find them.

Silver perch can be targeted with lures. Popular lures are bladed spinners, small lipless crankbaits and hardbody lures. Fly fishing is also a popular method to target silver perch. Wet flies like a Woolly Bugger or mudeye imitations are popular options.

Light to medium tackle can be used when fishing for silver perch.

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