Maccullochella mariensis

Mary River cod (Maccullochella mariensis) is the most northern of the Maccullochella cod species. It is endemic to the Mary River system in South East Queensland.

The Mary River cod is listed as an endangered species and therefore is a no target; no take species from any river system that it is found in. If you catch one by mistake, you need to unhook it and return it to the water as quickly and as carefully as possible.

The river and creek systems that the Mary River cod occur in are also subject to closed seasons and no fish zones, so please check your local rules and regulations.

A number of South East Queensland impoundments have been stocked with Mary River cod. There is a strict one fish bag limit with a minimum size of 50cm that applies in these waterways.

Mary River cod are considered more aggressive than their southern cousins and will take trolled or cast lures or baits like worms, freshwater shrimp and yabbies.

Even if you catch a Mary River cod in one of the impoundments they are stocked in, it is asked that you take a few photos and then return it to the water.

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