Maroon dam is roughly 100kms from Brisbane 30kms from Boonah and a little under rated gem when it comes to Australian bass fishing. Maroon is only small in size compared to Somerset, Wivenhoe and other south east QLD dams. This is not such a bad thing it is a great place for people getting started in bass fishing. You can fish it easily out of a kayak without feeling like you can’t get to the good spots you don’t need a big boat to get around either. It is a well stocked lake and you can catch fish from the moment you launch on a number of different lures and baits. Maroon is stocked with Australian bass, golden perch, silver perch and Mary river cod. Unfortunately tilapia have made there way in there and can be caught in numbers, while they are fun to catch remember these a a invasive species and should be deposed of in the bin. The bass fishing in Maroon is quite special as it is one of the only bass lakes in QLD left that does not have bony bream. This means that the fish don’t go searching for bony schools in deep water and stick to the edges living in ambush around snags weed and structure much like wild river fish.

Spring and summer time bassing maroon the fishing is best is low lite ours casting lures like surface poppers, cicadas, plastics and spinnerbaits. Looking to cast at any laydown logs rob piles and weed edges. Through the day the fish will either head for the shadows of the trees go deep in the weed or sit on points or river bed drop offs. You can target on the shaded side of free standing trees with spinnerbaits, lipless cranks, crank baits and skirted jigs. Casting past your target sinking to desired depth and rolling the lure past the snag or with a jig pitching to the shade sinking to the bottom trying to mimic a yabby. Weed you can try weedless plastics or pitching a jig into holes in the weed and drop offs and point you can catch them with long casts sinking to right depth and slow rolling back.

Winter and autumn the fish can slow little from the bigger noisy lures so go to some small soft plastics and fish around weed and points making long casts slow rolling back with little pause and twitches trough the retrieve. Another really exciting ways of fishing in winter there is suspending jerk baits, casting at weed edges or weed towers out from the edge winding down twice then starting a twitch twitch pause. Its on the pause the fish will hit and nearly steel your rod every time its just a matter of figuring out the right pause time on the day.

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