Leslie dam is only a 15 minute drive out of Warwick and 150 kms from Brisbane. This is a small to medium lake which has been cuffing over the the past droughts but still hold enough water to make it a pretty cool little fishery. About 2 hours from Brisbane makes it a pretty quick drive west to come target Murray cod, golden and silver perch eel tailed catfish and carp.

This lake is one of those forgotten places it does house some xl cod a really good golden and silver perch fishery and for the fly guys some really big carp that mooch around on the shallow mud flats. There has also been a lot of work in some of the bays placing what looks to be at least 100 fish hotels made of concrete pipes and boulders.

Golden and silver perch and carp can be caught fishing baits or lures from the bank, but fishing out of boat or kayak is best. Fishing live worms, yabbies and shrimps around the granite boulders or creek drop offs will see you catching some nice perch and odd Murray cod. You will also catch some nice golden perch trolling the bouy line or flats anywhere between 10 to 20ft deep diving crank baits and spinnerbaits are preferred. If casting for golden you will want some crank baits, spinnerbaits and lipless cranks. Casting these lures to the edge and parallel working them around rocks and logs should have you tangling with some nice golden and silver perch.

Murray cod can be a bit tricky its all about right place right time and time on the water. Persistence is key with these big old green fish casting in the right areas and a fair bit of luck but the are some giants in there. Using large lures is key to getting those big bites things like big deep divers, spinnerbaits topwater and swimbaits. Fishing these lures around any fishy looking structure and flats holding bait fish low light hours morning and night are best but you still have a chance all through the day.

Carp in here are big and pretty much left alone which is surprising with the boom of angering carp on fly. They sit up in the shallows here mooching around on mudflats and causing through shallow weed. So if a big carp on fly is on your list head to Leslie dam. Remember carp are invasive and should be disposed of in the bin not released.

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