Kinchant dam only 40kms west of Mackay known as the pond to locals and anglers. It was made for irrigation and town water in the 70s since then it has turned it to the the local swimming hole perfect for fishing, skiing and tubing with camp grounds on the foreshore. Kinchant is quite small with a little basin small bay, 2 main points and a weedy arm but what it lacks in size it makes up for with the fishing there are some XL Barra in there with some fish measuring over 140cm. It has been stocked with barramundi and sooty grunter although Barra are the main target species sootys are a welcome by catch.

Targeting Barra is always best in the warmer months they don’t like the cold and tend to slow down through winter. Barra can be caught at all times through the day working the edge of weed beds with plastics and suspending hard bodies casting tight the the weed edge and retrieving with a few twitchers and pauses back to the boat. As the day gets on and the sun begins to drop is when things start to heat up. Barramundi are nocturnal feeders and come to life through the night patrolling weed edges and shallow points. So anchoring in about 16ft off one of the points or weed edges casting soft plastics, jerk baits and topwater to the edge. It is very weedy there and you will get caught up at times popping the lure out of weed will trigger bites running lures past any weed towers or channels through the weed is also a great technique. Fishing around the lead up and lead down of a full moon is also a good time to plan a trip away. Stormy afternoons and moon lit nights really get them stirring.

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