Borumba dam is about 180kms and 2 and a half hour drive north west from Brisbane. One of the more scenic SEQ dams sitting on the edge of the Imbil state forrest leaving the shoreline meeting the bush almost all the way around has you feeling you are a lot further from all the hustle and bustle than you are . Its a great a place for a day trip with the family a bit of camping and some seriously good fishing options. Borumba has a great diversity of Aussie natives stocked in there leaving you wondering what you could catch next. Target species are Australian bass Saratoga golden perch. Mary river cod and silver perch are also in there through not caught as often they are always a very welcome by catch.

The fishing in Borumba leaves you a bit spoiled for choice having a decent main basin with step rock walls points and deep flats with some small bays off it and two timbered arms and Lily pads on most edges. Bass and golden perch can be caught all year round. They can be caught a number of ways, winter and cooler months they will school up on deep flats old creek beds and around deep points lure choices here would be soft plastics, spoons and blades. They will also sit on the weed beds in shallow water these guys can be caught on suspending jerk baits plastics and blades.

Summer and warmer months are very similar for the fish that sit deep and hang around bait fish schools but the fish that live on the edge really come to life in the warmer water. You can catch them on almost anything at the right times. Spinnerbaits, chatter baits, cranks, top water, lipless cranks and skirted jigs casting at rock walls, points, lily pads, laydown logs and free standing trees. Saratoga slow down in the colder months and are not caught as frequently although if you put in the time you should be rewarded. But spring through to mid autumn they are really active patrolling weed edges fallen logs and the free standing trees waiting for anything to fall in front of them. Toga will eat pretty much any lure you will fish for bass and yellow belly with though top water, jerk baits and spinnerbaits would be a stand out. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to fish for toga and in ares with little boat pressure they are very wise and spooked easily so when fish for them turn outboard off way before the spot you are looking at and try creep in on electric motor.

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