How should I take a photo for a chance to win the photo category?

Taking photos with fish can sometimes be difficult, so here are a few helpful tips if you’re entering photos into the Slam’s best photo category.

Be sure to handle the fish gently when taking photos – avoid contact with the gills and support the fish’s belly while holding it horizontally. Holding a fish vertically by its gills can cause serious damage.

Obviously, you want to get a nice photo with your catch, but it’s even more important to release your salmon safely and healthily if you’re not planning to keep it for a feed.

Also, avoid holding the fish with a towel or cloth – this can remove the fish’s protective slime.

Photos reflecting Recfishwest's responsible fish handling practices will be given preference. Click to View

Be sure to get the angler’s happy face in the photo and the beautiful surroundings of the world-class WA beach you’re fishing from.

Focus on filling the frame – it’s not worth taking a photo of an angler with a fish who is standing far away from the camera.

Last year’s winning photo of Taro Okamoto was judged the Best Photo of the 2021 Salmon Slam because the fish was perfectly framed, his smiling face was captured, the fish was handled correctly and you could see the stunning surrounds of Bunker Bay!