Club Annual Series - How does it work?

Clubs typically compete all year round with results combining to an annual awards.  TMF supports these series with monthly and annual scoreboards based on species counts, number of fish, length, weight or points.

Club annual series can be run as any TMF event type including App Based, Photo Only, Live Weight In, Bag Weight or Conventional Weigh In.  

Your Series!! Your Way!!

TMF can be completely customised to how your club series is currently run.

Clients can choose the data they need to suit how they run their events, and even and the species involved.

The Track My Fish team will be there to support the whole way.

Track My Fish App Features

TMF focuses on making recording and verifying tasks as simple as possible.

The app allows the following

  • • Events can be run over any timeframe - down to less than one day
  • • App photo based
  • • Data collection includes date/time and optional GPS
  • • Support for tag & recapture recording
  • • Customisable species list
  • • Lengths in mm or inches
  • • Anglers can assign fish to another angler which allows the need of only one mobile device per boat
  • • Apple and Android supported

TMF Weigh Ins Features

TMF Weigh Ins focuses on making event management as simple as possible

The web service allows the following

  • • Process angler registrations and payments
  • • Actual Weight or Length Weight or Points
  • • Individual fish or Total Bag
  • • Single or multi-session events
  • • Glory photos
  • • Bonus points
  • • Optional date time and location
  • • Customisable species list


Track My Fish Branded App

The branded app allows you to include any material relevant to the club or activity in the community. Highly recommended the first screen to provide instructions on recording fish and not continue until the angler confirms they have read the instructions.

• Use all own graphics and logos
• Own terms of service
• Sponsors logos
• Branded Registration Page – link through to event registration page and members only so they can join the club
• Deploy via App Store and Play Store

Live Scoreboard & Live Photo feeds - Reach new Audiences

Tournaments can be run in automated mode where catches automatically go to the scoreboard or catches reviewed as they come in. As the scoreboard is updated competitors can view scores through the app, and followers updated via a weblink.

TMF provides a live feed of photos to share with other fishers and your audience. If a glory shot is taken this will take preference over a brag mat record.


Anglers can receive notifications of key achievements such as trophy fish via push notifications. Option for event managers to send out own custom push notifications, such as warnings of impending bad weather or how long a event has to go.

Data in all conditions

Phone connections aren't available all the time, and battery lives are not unlimited. TMF has built in a offline mode that allows anglers to record catches without the need to have a data connection. For anglers that have small data plans, the app can be used in offline mode all day, then catches uploaded when reception comes good or at home via wi-fi.

No Service?

Track My Fish does support events with no service via a local wifi network.  We can provide support for small and large offline events without service, but a little more planning is required.

Protected fishing spots

Each user's personal data is protected - no one can see their fishing spots.