If you are a serious fisho, you should aim to do the Barra Nationals at least once in your life, just make sure you practice your drinking skills because the boys in the Territory will leave a slew of unsuspecting eastern coasters in their wake.  The nationals is the biggest event on the fishing calendar in my estimation, the fishing equivalent of Test Cricket as much a test of endurance as fishing ability.  It’s a cutthroat business on the water but one huge party off. 

This year Craig Griffiths snuck into town as an unknown quantity and snuck out equally fast having just raided one of the biggest trophies in the land.  He has plans for 2019, but it seems highly unlikely that the locals will give him an easy time so he will want to be top of his game. Knowing Griffo – he will be, so expect fireworks.

Griffo made this year’s Nationals a fun experience for me as while Griffo was an unknown for most of the field, I have been analysing his performances since 2012 so I saw the ominous signs on the first day.  Having said that the remote location for the Nationals made the first day of the event a technical nightmare for us, though we managed to bring things together by the final day.  Forewarned is forearmed and we added new features to the app that will make running events with no mobile signal (and lots of competitors) a much smoother process.

The lack of signal makes the Nationals less appealing as a real-time event, but the endurance factor provides a lot of compensation with the last two days being full blackout there mouth-watering anticipation when it comes to announcing the winner.   The Nationals turned out a fish every 2.4 minutes, with 93.8% of the field catching at least 1 Barra with 4 Trophy fish. Expect a few more trophy fish next years and a few less small fish which will amount to better scores.

Total Hours 47
Total Fishers 210
Total Fish 1185
No. Fishers Caught Fish 197
No. Fishers Didn’t Catch Fish 13
% Fishers Caught Fish 93.8
Most Fish Craig Griffiths (30 fish)

Wally Wilton (30 fish)

Mins/Fish 2.4
Overall Catch Rate (Fish/Fisher/Day) 2.7
Average No. Fish/Fisher 5.36
Total Species 2
Total Trophy Fish 4
Total Legal Fish 492
Total Undersize Fish 640