Anyone who has met Matt Mott knows he is a force of nature, that unique combination of fishing talent and larger than life personality.  Half of what he says is true, so is the other half.  Matt needs a straight man to make the act work, and when you add in Andrew Mitchell, you have a dynamic duo.  It has to be said that while Andrew is the quieter of the two, he has his own evil streak if you happen to get caught making a goose of yourself.   Andrew is the glue that makes the events run and deserves a lot of credit for the hours he puts in.  The fishing freshwater series has become the most anticipated event on my calendar because the folks out west know how to have a good time.  Things happen out there that just don’t happen in the sanitised city life anymore. 

I cannot recommend more highly to go to one of the fishing freshwater events, leave behind the stresses of daily life and remember that in the end – the good times are what you live for. Everyone needs to see Matt the MC once in their lives, late-night TV talk shows are a pale shadow of the real thing.

Lake Wivenhoe has a reputation for big fish, not high catch rates but the rate of 5.39 minutes per fish was far from slow action.  This is a teams event with a larger number of family teams, so we focused on results by team. 74.2% of teams found fish with 24 of the 167 fish being trophy size.

Final Scoreboard

Total Hours 15
Total Fishers 92
Total Teams 62
Total Fish 167
No. Teams Caught Fish 46
No. Fishers Didn’t Catch Fish 16
% Teams Caught Fish 74.2
Best Team Big Delemma (11 fish)
Mins/Fish 5.4
Overall Catch Rate (Fish/Fisher/Day) 0.91
Average No. Fish/Fisher 1.82
Total Species 5
Total Trophy Fish 24
Total Legal Fish 127
Total Undersize Fish 0