Swanfish is an annual event over in Perth hosted by Recfish West.  This was the second event we put together with a branded app and the very first we have run where there was no briefing session for fishers using the app. Swanfish was also the first land-based event we have been involved with, the center of a capital city no less.

Recfish West took the bold decision to go from a traditional weigh-in event to an App-Based Catch and Release event sending a clear signal to the community even at the risk of losing entrants.  All the evidence I have seen so far where we have been involved in that transition says you do lose participants in the short term mostly older but gain younger fishers once they realise that there is an option that suits them.

Swanfish is a slower event with 8.7 mins per fish but that is far from shabby, and I expect that will get even better next year.  34% of the fishers caught fish which reflects the number of families involved, and there were 2 trophy fish.

Swanfish has the foundations for growth with some marketing.  I am looking forward to getting over for Swanfish 2019.

Final Scoreboard

Total Hours 24
Total Fishers 221
Total Fish 166
No. Fishers Caught Fish 76
No. Fishers Didn’t Catch Fish 145
% Fishers Caught Fish 34.4
Most Fish Joseph Gardner (6)
Danny Robbins (6)
Mins/Fish 8.7
Overall Catch Rate (Fish/Fisher/Day) 0.38
Average No. Fish/Fisher 0.75
Total Species 14
Total Trophy Fish 2
Total Legal Fish 43
Total Undersize Fish 54