Competing in an event that uses Track My Fish?

Here is a step by step process to be ready to rock and roll on the water.

Which app do you need?

Download the app for your event. Many events have their own app, some use the standard app. If unsure check with the event organiser.

You may receive pop ups that ask - "would you like to be sent notifications" click allow and any other pop ups click allow.

Have you created a Track My Fish Account?

Have you ever used any Track My Fish Apps? If yes, then you will use your email address that you registered and password. If you have forgotten your password click the I HAVE FORGOTTEN MY PASSWORD button. If you are brand new to using the app, click the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button.

Want some quick tips to get going?

The Track My Fish app allows fishers to record their catches, glory shots, record fish for other competitors, use offline mode in low signal range, check your catch log and much more.

Online and Offline Mode

In the top right hand corner is a green online button.  When this is clicked off the button will turn grey, signifying that the app is in offline mode.

When the app is in offline mode, catches will be stored on the phone but not submitted.  If fishing in an area with very poor signal it is a good idea to switch the phone into airplane mode to conserve battery.

When the offline button is clicked back to online, any catches outstanding will be submitted.  Where possible try to have at least 3 bars of 3G before submitting catches.

Taking Photos

The Track My Fish app supports taking photos in either portrait or landscape with both versions of the app.

Take a photo of the fish on the brag mat or ruler. Different competitions have different standards for the tail and head position, so it pays to check the rules on photographic requirements.

When the photo is a good likeness CLICK ON THE TICK BUTTON.  This is important as catches are not submitted until the species and length fields are filled out and the submit button is clicked.

Recording catch details

SWIPE UP to see the data entry fields.  At this point you can take a glory shot by by selecting the glory shot button.

Species can be selected from a list by selecting the arrow on the far right hand side.  Lengths should be entered in (mm) but can be corrected by the reviewer if something is not right.

Catches are not recorded until the submit button is selected.  DO NOT put down the phone before this is done as the catch will be lost if the phone goes to sleep.

Checking catches have been submitted

Track My Fish has a log button in the top left hand corner above the camera screen. This button will bring up the catch log which will list all the fish recorded.

If the catch has an orange "not sent" icon this means the catch is on the phone but has not been received.  If the catch has a green "received" icon then the catch has been successfully received at the server.