If you are after the excitement factor in an event, the 4lb Club is the number one event on our calendar. The first day was murder for me, trying to get all the teams sorted (with competitors registered by nickname) and processing 550 fish in a day.  The second day was much smoother up until 3.30 when a flood of catches came in from the remote areas.  I was in a groove by then, so the scores were all completed on time with one person on a job that took several to do before.

The other thing that makes this event so special is the results are all achieved with 4lb line, a gobsmacking 1118 fish at that.  Hinchinbrook is not the gentlest of environments either.  Two of the most common species Blackspotted and Goldspotted Rockcod (156 and 118 fish respectively) indicate a lot of time fishing structure.  Then there are the guys pulling Coral Trout, Sweetlip and other reef species. RESPECT!   Producing those sorts of numbers takes some serious fishing skill. As much as I love the guys on the Bream, Bass and Barra circuits, I think that this was one of the most complete fields of skilled fishers I have ever seen.

The numbers back me up on that.  A fish every 0.9 minutes with 12 Trophy fish and 85.8% of the field coming back with fish add in 4lb line and complexity and that’s something special.

Final Scoreboard

Total Hours 17
Total Fishers 113
Total Fish 1118
No. Fishers Caught Fish 97
No. Fishers Didn’t Catch Fish 16
% Fishers Caught Fish 85.8
Most Fish Michael Raisbeck (38 fish)
Mins/Fish 0.9
Overall Catch Rate (Fish/Fisher/Day) 4.95
Average No. Fish/Fisher 9.89
Total Species 44
Total Trophy Fish 12
Total Legal Fish 338
Total Undersize Fish 660